About Us

Welcome to WB Graphics and Computers. WB Graphics and Computers operates from 36 Ellerslie Ave, Hamilton New Zealand specialising in Graphics, Web Design. Supply of computer systems including servers. Building servicing and upgrading machines. All network and data cabling. Graphics and Computers is locally owned and operated with friendly personal service. We also operate evenings and weekends to meet the demands of busy working people. There is no additional charge for this service.
As prices are constantly changing please. Contact Graphics and Computers or Ring 07 8558777 – Mobile 021 712662 for update pricing and quotes. Note prices are subject to change upon notification form suppliers. Through our supplier agreements, Graphics and Computers is able to supply computer products listed. For any products types not listed please contact the sales staff at Graphics and Computers.

The company objective is to continually improve and maintain its commitment to providing quality service to ensure that it remains a viable and competitive participant in the technology industry.